Massage Packages.

90 mins / 120 mins

Lâcher (To let go)
Let go of stress, anxiety, and care with our relaxing Lâcher massage package. You’ll enjoy a gentle head massage to release tension, foot reflexology treatments, and your choice of oil, aromatherapy, or hot stone. While we work you from head-to-toe, you’ll feel yourself becoming more grounded and realigned with nature. Allow yourself to drift. This relaxing experience will provide an oasis from worry or pain that will leave you feeling weightless.
Oil, Aromatherapy or Hot stone • Head massage • Foot reflexology •
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Liberer (To be freed)
Be freed from pain and discomfort with our all-intensive La Terre Signature or Deep Tissue massage as part of the Liberer package. Experience the natural luxury of our massage techniques that will release the tension in your muscles and body. You’ll also enjoy a soothing head massage and foot reflexology treatments. This liberating massage package combines total relaxation with utter serenity. After your time with us, you’ll be left feeling lighter than before.
La Terre Signature or Deep tissue • Head massage • Foot reflexology •
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