Individual Massage Experiences.

30 mins / 60 mins / 90 mins

La Terre Signature Massage
A combination of remedial and holistic massage techniques for your ultimate pleasure and rejuvenation.
69 / 115 / 159
Basalt Hot-Stone Massage
Heated basalt rocks are carefully placed onto the skin, then used in rhythmic massage to release tension.
NA / 115 / 159
Gentle Pregnancy Massage
Fully adapted for expecting mothers, this massage incorporates natural oil and gentle manipulation to bring comfort and relief.
75 / 125 / 175
Soothing Relaxation Massage
Eases tension and sore muscles with gentle movement and natural oil.
65 / 105 / 149
Deep Tissue Massage
Dig deep into affected muscle tissue in order to free the body of pain and encourage better movement.
69 / 115 / 159
Back, Shoulder, & Neck Massage
Focuses on the areas of the body most commonly affected by stress and tension in order to bring relaxation. Available in a 30 mins session only.
Aromatherapy Massage
A marriage of gentle massage and the sensory experience of aromatherapy sourced from natural fragrances such as Geranium and Lemongrass.
69 / 115 / 159
Foot Reflexology Massage
Uses eastern techniques to massage the feet through the application of pressure on specific points on the soles of the feet.
65 / 105 / 149
Opening hours

Monday – Saturday 11am – 8pm